Forklifts depend on hydraulic fluid for their lifting and steering abilities. Hydraulics are the lifeblood of a forklift.

cat forklift hydraulic fluid type

Without it, you are increasing the chances of your forklift breaking down. Whether you are lifting 20, pounds or 1, pounds, a proper forklift relies on the perfect amount of hydraulic fluid to provide excellent production.

An Overabundance of fluid can cause leaks and spills, which could lead to safety and environmental dangers.

cat forklift hydraulic fluid type

Here is everything you need to know about adequately filling and checking hydraulic fluid for your forklift. There are specific steps and procedures to follow in regards to filling your forklift with hydraulic fluid. Correctly filling your forklift will help maintain the equipment in the future.

What's the Best Hydraulic Oil for My Lift

Still, sometimes it can be challenging to monitor all the forklifts in your fleet, especially if you run a forklift occasionally over time. Here are three easy detectable symptoms to be aware of when your hydraulic fluid is low. Aeration occurs when air contaminates with hydraulic fluid. This can create a banging or knocking noise when it compresses and decompresses through the system. Ventilation can cause hydraulic fluid to accelerate the degradation of the liquid. If you begin to notice a knocking noise while operating your forklift, check your hydraulic gauge to make sure you are not running low.

If the temperature in your fluid exceeds degrees, it can damage the seals and accelerate the degradation of the liquid. Not only could this cause your fluid to evaporate exponentially, but it could also damage the forklift due to its excessive thinning of the oil film. To notice if you have a high-temperature fluid, install an alarm in the system that can measure the temperatures of the fluid.

The hydraulic fluid is the engine that keeps your forklift running in excellent shape. Therefore, a loss of speed can indicate a loss of fluid. Proactively monitoring noise, fluid temperature, and operation can adequately detail the condition of your hydraulic fluid. You noticed something is wrong with your forklift. Your equipment is making an abnormal noise, moving slowly, and it has been a while since you last filled your hydraulic fluid. It could be time to check your hydraulic fluid levels, but how?

Keep your machines running right with regular fluid checks, filter replacements, and routine inspections. Please keep track of your hydraulic fluid and make sure to replace it every 1, hours of use. Want to know more about our product and service offerings?

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Back to Search. All Location Types. Equipment Type Reset Filters. All Equipment Types. Electrical Power. Industrial And Rail Engines.Having trouble using the Discussion Forums? Contact us for help. Click here for more information. I need to know what fluid to put in the trans axel.

It looks to be engine oil. Post a Reply Report this post. Showing items 1 - 1 of 1 results. Sort messages by: Newest first Oldest first. Dependent on your customers application will depend on which viscosity of oil you'll use, as I'm sure you well aware of.

The oil will ressemble engine oil in colour and general viscosity but if the right oil is used its properties are slightly different. I would suggest you contact a local Caterpillar dealer to get the right oil. When I used to work on these units we did use engine oil and hydraulic oil in instances where we could not obtain SAE 30 TDTO oil As it is only supplied these days in the UK in drumswe would use SAE 10 hydraulic oil, especially if the 30 that was in it was causing it to have sluggish pick up on cold mornings.

However engine and hyd oils have more 'slippage' For want of a better word properties as part of their design, so potentially it could cause more clutch slippage Last Week's Most Read News 1. Justin Forbes: Are lithium batteries a good investment? Hyster expands Fortens range. Konecranes wins its largest-ever reachstacker order.

Dairy processor uses AGVs. Your Focus Submit your blog. Stuart Taylor. Do your staff need conversion training? Are lithium batteries a good investment? Five tips to reduce forklift service calls. Goldilocks and forklift speed.Jump to navigation. Whatever your service requirements, our Cat Lift Trucks dealer network is available to help If you are a user of material handling equipment with facilities in several countries and want to receive more information on our central managed solutions Our range of diesel powered forklift trucksgas powered forklift trucks and electric powered forklift trucks are designed to fulfil a range of requirements; coming in a variety of sizes and with various abilities to suit your needs.

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cat forklift hydraulic fluid type

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Shop All Categories.When considering hydraulic oil, a question we often receive is "which is better, AW32 or AW46? Ultimately, there are several factors that must be considered to determine which is the better option for your lift and your shop. Oil is rated and identified by its viscosity, which determines its ability to flow at different temperatures.

AW means Anti-Wear. The lower the number, the thinner the oil and the more easily it flows. AW is neither "better nor worse" than AW The numbers refer only to the viscosity, not to the quality. Quality of the oil is determined by the manufacturer. Customers in colder climates with unheated garages or service areas may want to use AW Above ground lifts located in heated garages or warmer climates may use either AW or AW We do not recommend the use of transmission fluid because its thinner viscosity 5W can allow the oil to "weep" around hydraulic cylinder seals and transmission fluid may also reduce the "life expectancy" of the pump seals.

Hydraulic oil is available for in-store pick up at our IndianaDelawareGeorgiaArizonaFloridaOregonand Texas locations.

cat forklift hydraulic fluid type

Hydraulic oil cannot be shipped. Call or visit your nearest Greg Smith Equipment location for details. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser.

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Joined: Sep 7, Messages: 20 Location: texas. I would like to change the hydraulic oil on my cat c and was not sure if I need to spend the extra money on cats hydraulic oil or is there any other oil that would be just as good and save some money. Any one have a caterpillar and using a different brand hydraulic oil? Joined: Jun 22, Messages: 14, Location: G. Almost everyone uses a different brand than Cat. On our machines we started off using Mobil, now we use Conoco.

Any SAE10W hydraulic oil from a major oil company like the two I mentioned will do fine for your NigeOct 13, Joined: Mar 6, Messages: Location: Wisconsin. What is the difference in price between CAT oil vs another brand and how many gallons does it take to change What would the savings be for one machine? I can see a better benefit over multiple units. Besides if I'm not mistaken CAT has a hour hyd oil change interval so savings would be minimal for one unit.

DigdeepOct 13, The caterpillar manual recommends changing the oil every year. You also have the option of going to a full synthetic or multi-vis hydraulic oil for a slight additional cost. It meets all requirements and saves from stocking different viscosities. Lil' PussOct 13, Lil' PussOct 14, Joined: Jun 10, Messages: Location: Wi.

Cat strongly recommends SOS to determine intervals, enough machines they don't even list intervals and SOS is required for warranty. Hydraulic oil is good for many years and I know they say the Hydo10 will go beyond hrs.

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